Studio Monitors

Behrenger MS20  .jpg          Behringer MS20 Digital Monitor Speakers
          Price    $150 (Pair)

          Compact, nearfield monitors ideal for computer based studios and keyboards.  The MS20 Studio Monitors from Behringer are a pair of extremely compact, 2 x 10-Watt nearfield monitors that feature high-resolution 24-bit/192 kHz D/A converters. With the MS20, you can connect directly to your digital signal sources and eliminate annoying analog line-loss and hum forever. Whether you connect to your computer sound card, keyboard, or MP3 player, you will enjoy exceptional sound quality with great dynamics. The built-in amplifiers provide lots of headroom, while the powerful woofers and tweeters provide ultra-linear frequency response.


KRK Rokit 6.jpg          KRK Rokit Powered 6 Generation 2 Studio Monitors
          Price    $400 (Pair)

     KRK's glass-aramid cone technology sets a new standard with even better performance and accuracy!  KRK's Rokit G2 (Generation 2) powered studio monitor is designed to give amazing performance and accuracy for the home or project studio. The G2 Rokit has radically curved edges which virtually eliminate diffraction and provide a wider sweet spot. The Rokit G2 also features a great looking cabinet with a front-firing bass port and KRK's trademark yellow glass-aramid composite woofer and soft-domed tweeters. Dual high-power amplifiers in each speaker and active crossovers provide smooth and accurate reproduction. The Rokit monitor has the most accurate response curve in its class ensuring that you hear all of the details in your mix.



Yamaha HS80M.jpg          Yamaha HS80M 8" Powered Studio Monitors
          Price    $700 (Pair)

     Trusted Yamaha performance inspired by the legendary NS10M. The Yamaha HS80M speaker is a 120W, biamped reference monitor with an 8" neopropylene woofer and 1" tweeter.  Designed to deliver an honest mix, the HS80M monitor speaker has a flat 42Hz-20kHz frequency response. Room control and frequency response switches allow custom tailoring of the monitor's response, making it perfect for all types of recording and multimedia applications. Easily create a 5.1 surround sound setup with the addition of an HS10W powered subwoofer (sold separately).  Enclosure is constructed of high-quality MDF material and feature a multi-layer finish that minimizes resonance.



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