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Shure SM58.jpgShure SM58-LC - Cardioid Handheld Dynamic Microphone
Price:    $120       Free with our Basic Studio package!

The Shure SM58 is the world's most widely used dynamic-cardioid microphone. Its legendary reliability, dependability, and near indestructibility, have made it the preferred choice of both musicians and engineers for a multitude of "live" and studio vocal applications. Frequency response tailored for vocals.  Built-in pop filter.  Unidirectional cardioid pickup pattern isolates source material while minimizing background noise.  50Hz to 15kHz frequency response.  Break-resistant stand adapter (included)


Table-top Mic Stand.jpg

Ultimate Support JS-DMS50 Table-Top Mic Stand
Price:  $20      Free with our Basic Studio Pakcage!

The JamStands JS-DMS50 Table-Top Mic Stand from Ultimate Support has a traditional weighted round base for holding your table-top based microphone.
Heavy-duty, low-level weighted base stand for every-day use.  Height adjustable with reliable turn clutch.  Durable Finish.  Scratch-resistant, powder-coated finish.



RE20.jpgElectro-Voice RE20 - Cardioid Variable-D Dynamic Voiceover Microphone
Price:      $499
     Broadcast Industry Standard

The Electro-Voice RE20 is a cardioid dynamic microphone that delivers reliable, low-noise performance with exceptional clarity and definition.  Rugged, steel construction with low handling noise.  Supercardioid polar pattern is extremely effective in isolating sound sources while reducing background noise.  An internal blast and wind filter eliminates "pop" and wind noise at the closest proximity.  The "bass tilt down" switch corrects spectrum balance for use in long reach situations and eliminates low frequency noise and rumble.  The RE20's flat frequency response remains flat even at extremely close proximities.



RE27.jpgElectro-Voice RE27N/D - Cardioid Variable-D Dynamic N/DYM Voiceover/Instrument Microphone with Internal Pop Filter
Price:     $549

The Electro Voice RE 27 N/D is a professional, dynamic cardioid microphone designed for broadcast, recording and sound reinforcement applications. Much like the RE 20, the RE 27 N/D is a standard in radio and television, but remains a proven tool in the recording studio as well. Considered an improvement on the RE 20, the 27 N/D features a Neodymium based magnet which greatly improves sensitivity, frequency response and SPL handling, resulting in higher gain (up to 6dB more output) while keeping the noise floor low. In addition, a highly effective hum-bucking coil is used to attenuate hum from lighting, bad grounds and other sources.


OC White Deluxe Mic Boom.jpgO.C. White Deluxe Microphone Arm and Riser System (Black)
Price:     $159

The O.C. White Deluxe Microphone Arm and Riser System is a complete microphone mounting system for on-air broadcast or voice over application. The system includes a dual-section, spring loaded arm for strong, secure microphone positioning. All joints and hardware are designed for secure, noise free handling. The arm and riser secure to any desk-top surface. The riser provides an additional 12-inches of clearance for monitors and additional gear.   Great for Shure SM58 and similar style microphones.  The 12-inch Riser is the flush surface mount for the Deluxe Microphone Arm. The arm is elevated 12-inches to provide clearance for additional gear.  The Deluxe arms feature two-sections and all joints and hardware are designed for secure, noise free handling.


Shure SM7B.jpg

Shure SM7B - Cardioid Dynamic Voice Over Microphone
Price:     $399

The Shure SM7B is a large diaphragm dynamic microphone that possesses all of the necessary qualities for professional voiceover applications.  The flat frequency response enhances the mid-range and high frequencies that are associated with the human voice.  Improved rejection of electro-magnetic hum, optimized for shielding against broadband interference emitted by computer monitors.  Internal "air suspension" shock isolation virtually eliminates mechanical noise transmission.  Built-in pop filter eliminates need for any add-on protection against explosive breath sounds, even for close-up vocals or narration.  Cardioid polar pattern effectively isolates signal source improving gain before feedback.


Rode PSA-1 Studio Boom.jpg

Rode PSA-1 Studio Boom Arm for Broadcast Microphones
Price:     $120

The Rode PSA-1 Studio Boom Arm is a two-section, spring loaded broadcast microphone arm designed for quiet and flexible microphone positioning in broadcast radio studios, voice-over studios, etc. The PSA-1 rotates 360 degrees and features a maximum reach of 32" (820mm) horizontally.  Ideal for Electro-Voice RE20 and RE27 microphones.  Includes 3/8" adapter.  32" (820mm) Horizontal Reach.  33" (840mm) Vertical Reach.  Holds up to 4.4 lbs (2 kg).  Includes two desk mounting options.  Dual-axis swivel mount for accurate positioning.


RE20 Shock Mount.jpg

Electro-Voice 309A Suspension Microphone Shock Mount
Price       $120

The 309A from Electro-Voice is a professional-quality suspension shock mount. The mount is constructed from metal and has a swiveling basket for precise mic positioning. The mount is designed to support the RE20, RE27N/D and RE320 microphones. Because these mics have internal shock mounts as well, the 309A provides an additional level of protection against unwanted vibrations.


RE20 Voice Screen.jpg

Popless Voice Screens VAC-RE20 3.5" Pop Filter for Electro-Voice RE20 and RE27 Broadcast Microphones
Price:      $59

The Popless Voice Screens VAC-RE20 is a pop filter designed for the Electro Voice RE20 and RE27 broadcast microphones. The pop filter attaches to the Electro Voice 309/A shock mount (required) and features a ball and socket joint for easy positioning. Two windscreens enhance wind diffusion and the position between each can be adjusted, suppressing popping and sibilance better than standard windscreens and pop filters


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