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Behringer XENYX X1204USB - 12-Input USB Audio Mixer with Effects
Price:  $200    This item or equivalent is included free with our Basic Studio Package!

Entry-level Audio Board.  The XENYX X1204USB - 12-Input USB Audio Mixer with Effects from Behringer is a 12-input audio mixer with an integrated USB computer audio interface. It enables you to mix together and shape the sound of multiple audio signals, and route the audio to several outputs. Special attention has been paid to the quality of the X1204USB's 4 microphone preamps, "British" style EQ, and 4 easy-to-use one knob compressors.



Mackie ProFX 8 8-Channel Desktop Sound Reinforcement Mixer with USB
Price:  $300

Mid-level Audio Board.  The Mackie ProFX 8-Channel Sound Reinforcement Mixer is a cost effective solution for small venues, small bands, rehearsals and project studios. The mixer features a Mac and Windows compatible USB port for recording performances or playing mp3s during sets. A total of 8-channels are comprised of 2 mono line and 3 stereo channels. There are 4 XLR microphone inputs with phantom power and an instrument input on channel 1.  The Running Man 32-bit effects processor delivers "gig ready" usable effects presets that include plate reverb, room reverb presets, chorus settings and delays.  A 3-band EQ section is featured on all input channels and a 7-band graphic EQ section provides additional frequency contouring on output. The ProFX 8 delivers the quality and features suitable for budget conscious musicians and sound reinforcement applications.


Arrakis_ARC-8.jpgArrakis ARC-8  8 Channel Broadcast Console
Price:   $900

A real Broadcast Console under $1,000! 
With a single stereo mixing bus, the Arrakis ARC-8 is ideal for fast paced live on air, production, and remote applications.
Two mics supports a host and guest talk format. The mix minus bus (for an external hybrid) supports Telephone talk formats or call ins. The 'Talk' button on mic channel one feeds the mic to the caller and the caller to the console cue system... fast and easy! The ARC-8 even has a built in PC USB sound card on channel eight to play in digital directly from your favorite PC audio software. At the same time, the Program output from the console records in digital over the USB directly to your PC recording software.  The ARC-8 comes with Digilink-Xtreme software to get you on air and doing production immediately. The ARC-8 is also easy to install with both professional balanced and consumer unbalanced input and output jacks.


Arrakis_ARC-15.jpgArrakis ARC-15 15 Channel Analog Broadcast Console        
Price:   $3,500   

Going Pro?  The ARC-15 radio console is a powerful, general purpose console that meets the needs for most On Air Radio & Radio Production studio applications. Designed to be tough, reliable and flexible, this 15 channel console is cost effective and powerful. If you need a lot of features, but not a big price, the ARC-15 is for you.  Channels One - Five can be internally selected as either mic or stereo line channels. This is ideal for talk studio applications.  Channel fifteen is an advanced telephone interface to an external hybrid for Live callers or an Off-line contest call.  Channel fourteen can even be configured with a Windows PC USB interface for use with Live On Air, Automation, & Production software.  With 5 million operation, LED lighted, switches; long life faders; and electronic switching of all audio signal paths; the ARC-15 is a rugged, reliable, and versatile console for professional Radio studio applications.


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